Throughout the ages, the forty days of Lent have been a season of focused and intentional devotion. Often those devotions have been centered on Jesus’ own forty day sojourn in the wilderness just after his baptism and before his ministry. Would you join us this year as we offer five meditations, one each Monday in Lent, taken from Luke’s account of the baptism, temptation, and beginning ministry of Jesus (Luke 3:21-23,36b-38, 4:1-21)? I am confident that, if you do, you will gain real insight into you own life, your own ministry, and your own challenges to live out your calling. As Kathleen has written:

“The same Spirit that declared his Sonship at baptism and then drove him into the wilderness for testing is the same Spirit that drove him to Galilee and anointed him for this ministry of healing, liberation, and redemption. And it is the same Spirit that we, ourselves, receive at Baptism when, in Christ, we too are made into sons and daughters of God.”