Tolle Et Lege In Person

Lessons, Sessions, and Retreats


We would love to come to your church or parish for a morning, an evening, or a retreat to share our passion for the Holy Scripture. Please contact us at  for more information or for scheduling. Among the classes or courses we love to teach are these:



The what, why, and how of reading the Bible as the written Word Of God.  Training everyone in the prayerful and regular reading of Holy Scripture with the intent that all might encounter the Living Word in the Written Word. Techniques, Resources, and reading plans for continued study will be offered.



An introduction to the Gospel of John designed to prepare individuals and groups to read the Gospel faithfully and effectively for themselves. Relying extensively on the insights of Benedict XVI in “Jesus of Nazareth”, the unique and faithful portrait of Jesus which John presents will be explored. Resources, meditations for each chapter, and a one month reading plan will be provided. The goal will be for those who participate to read the Gospel of John with insight and understanding over the next month. A follow-up session is also available at the end of the month. “ Introduction To John” also works wonderfully in combination with How To Read The Bible, giving participants in that class a first guided encounter with  a specific book.



An answer to the undermining of faith that has occurred due to the modern attack on the reliability of the Gospels’ portrait of Jesus. Using the critique of Biblical criticism of Benedict XVI and the findings of other contemporary scholars, we will demonstrate the reliability of the Gospel accounts. We will address everything from the finding of supposed new gospels (The Gospel of Judas, The Gospel of Thomas, etc) to the new “biographies” of Jesus  (Zealot, How Jesus Became God,etc) in order to show that the Gospels’ portrait remains unchallenged as the accurate picture of the true Jesus.



A study of the idea and content of Divine Revelation. The focus will be on the Christian worldview  which we discover in Holy Scripture and which is summarized in the Creed. From “In the beginning God Created…” to “He will come again to judge the living and the dead” we will look at how Christians view the world and the difference that view makes in their everyday life. We will use the  Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds and Holy Scripture as the primary resources in our exploration.

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